Gastronomical Events

Crete is the destination for gastronomical events

SWELL restaurant is inspired by the earth, the sea, and the mountains of the island of Crete and is committed to highlighting the treasures of the island through different gastronomical events. These much anticipated events usually last two days. In the past, chef Lefteris Lazarou at first, chef Hector Botrini later, and presently Exarhos Delibasis have created the utmost imaginative dishes using local products from select local producers including extra virgin Cretan olive oil, therapeutic and aromatic Cretan honey, the uniquely Cretan wild green "stamnagathi," trout, locust beans and chestnuts. These special gastronomical events are paired with our wine tasting events. Exquisite local wines, including ancient Minoan varieties such as Plyto and Thrapsathyri as well as a wide range of other Greek labels perfectly compliment our famous chef's special menus.

In addition to our special gastronomical events, every Thursday is lobster night at SWELL restaurant and on Saturdays live music accompanies our haute cuisine experience. Follow us on Facebook to keep informed and updated on all our happenings.