“Kakavia” fish Soup with Sea water, Saffron, Lime foam and Basil scent - €10,50

Fava soup from Santorini Shrimp and “Tragano” with Marjoram essence - €8,50

Tomato cold soup with Cucumber soup Carob roll and sweet “Myzithra” cheese foam topped by Gold leaves 24k - €6,50


Hot & Appetizers

“Almyra” greens along with a mousse from white Fish roe and crispy chips from Shrimps - €9,50

Croaker Carpaccio with Molasses, Radish and a salad of wild red Rocket - €12,50

Stuffed Onions with Cretan Cheese and Artichoke sauce - €7,50

Egg white roll with Asparagus, “Staka” served on a Potato and Tomato marmalade - €7,50

Stuffed Calamari with aromatic Minced meat served with Stamnagathi wild greens and Tomato oil - €8,50

Green fava beans with Octopus and caramelized Onions - €8,00


Rocket Salad with Milk cream and “ Kadaifi”, Strawberries and Lemon-Sage sorbet - €9,50

Salad with Cretan flavors with Sour grape, marinated sweet Potatoes and Sun dried Tomato cream - €8,50

Salad of the Village with Tomato Cherries, Feta cheese from Sellia, fresh Basil, pickled Crithmum and olive paste - €7,50

Mixed salad with fresh Fruits and Berries sauce - €9,00



"Magiri" Pasta with hot espuma from Myzithra, Basil aromas and “Anthotyros” cream cheese - €7,50

“Peponaki” Pasta with sea food - €11,00

"Papardelle" Pasta with fresh Grouper and Olive from Basil from our garden - €14,50

Black Tagliatelle with sun dried Egg roe and Sage - €12,50

Main Dishes

Chicken Stuffed with sweet Onions, Raisins and Nuts, with a Mushroom sauce and Celeriac puree - €13,00

Green Tuna with Carrot puree scented with smoked Pepper and “Stamnagathi” wild greens - €21,00

Veal slow cooked with Mushrooms, Anise served with “Palikaria” legume and smoked Onion - €16,00

Pork Steak Served with “Tsigariasta” greens and village Potatoes - €16,50

Skirt Steak with scented cured Beef and smoked Vegetables - €19,00

Sea Bass in a crust from Orange served with Crithmum, sautéed Pigweed and Orange sauce - €19,50

Burger with Beef minced meat with aromatic herbs and Potatoes on their skin - €13,00



Bitter Chocolate with feuillantine, Strawberry sauce with Mint and Chocolate snowflakes - €7,50

Caramelized fruits with crispy Leaves and ice cream Vanilla from goat milk - €9,50

Fried “Myzithra” cheese with green Peanuts Jelly from Honey scented with Thyme and Lemon sorbet - €6,50

Custard filled pastry “galaktompoureko” au gratin with cold Orange syrop - €8,00

Selection of Ice Cream ( 1 scoop ) - €2,50

Selection of Cheeses from the mountains of Crete in different textures - €11,00


In case of an allergy or intolerance in an ingredient, please notify our staff

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