Beach Bar

Summer fun, filled with flavors and sun kissed drinks

Situated right on the beach, the Knossos Beach Hotel beach bar offers freshly squeezed juices, refreshing cocktails, and a variety of dishes prepared by SWELL restaurant's chef Exarhos Delibasis.


  • Cretan Farmers salad € 6,50
  • Green salad with marinated Chicken wings, Gruyere rinds and sauce from Molasses € 8,00
  • Salad with Groats, Watermelon and aromatic herbs € 7,00


  • Toast with Ham, Cheese, Rocket, pickled Cucumber and Tomato € 5,00
  • Toast with Rocket, Purslane, Feta cheese and sauce from sun dried Tomato € 6,50


  • Fennel pie with aromatic Yoghurt sauce € 4,50
  • Cretan Pie with Sea food (Shrimp, Octopus, Anchovies) € 8,50
  • Cretan Pie w/ Vegetables (rinds from Zucchini, sweet Potatoes, Oregano and Marjoram) and Feta cheese € 5,50
  • Club sandwich with Chicken, Ham, Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, Cocktail sauce and Chips € 8,50

Main courses

  • Linguini pasta with Beef minced meat and Fresh Tomato € 6,50
  • Spaghetti with fresh Tomato sauce and Basil € 5,50
  • Marinated Shrimps in “Dakos” crust, served with Salad and a wild fruits sauce € 11,00
  • Burger with Beef minced meat, Bacon, Tomato, pickled Cucumber and Potatoes on their skin € 12,00


  • Season Fruit salad € 7,00

 to name a few of the gourmet options offered at our beach bar.

Our well-organized beach set up with umbrellas, sun beds, beach service and upbeat music will let you in soak the Greek sun and enjoy the beautiful Cretan blue sea at its best!